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MC 2022 came home to the live stage. A celebration and performance that left the audience full of the joyful sounds of wonderful artists sharing the pure love of their craft. Generosity abounded, voices were raised as one. This event brought out the best of us all.

Featuring performance by: Young Krewe

Appearances by: Robert Laidlaw, Kristy Olinik-Hamilton, Marcia Alderson, Mollie Fisher, Marek Barlow, DJ Andy H

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MC 2020 was an event produced and recorded under the extreme challenges of Covid-19. Artists gathered over the course of 6 weeks to record as if live performances, without rehearsal, but with joy and generosity. The production challenges were overcome by our extraordinary team, and the community came together to make this a successful fund raiser and reminder of the gift of music and love which Musicians Christmas is.

Featuring performances by: Motown and Marley, Shipyard Kitchen Party, Angie Nussey, Adam Webster, Victoria Yeh, Romney Getty, Chuck Baker, Robert Laidlaw, Paul Young

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